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1 Department of Communication, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of Tehran

3 University of Tehran


Hamid Abdollahyan[1]
This paper aims at identifying the prevailing models of public relations in two telecommunication companies, Siriatel and MTN in Syria. Accordingly, we try to provide an answer for the following question: which of the Grunig and Hunt’s models of public relations is followed in Siriatel and MTN Syrian firms? We used a survey method and a systematic textual analaysis to find plausible answers for the above question. To do so, a questionnaire was used to collect necessary data. The questionnaire was designed based on the critical circumstances of Syria. We also took necessary measures to meet validity and reliability criteria. The unit of analysis consisted of graduate students of Damascus University and from which some 350 samples were randomly selected using statistical formulas. Also, for the study of documents, all the information and documents contained in the Internet database and official networks of the two telecommunication companies were studied and evaluated.
Some of the findings indicate that the highest average score in relation to the public relations activities of both companies matched the asymmetric two-way model. However, based on the results of the independent t-test, there was a significant difference between the means of the two telecommunications companies. Also, findings indicate that Siriatel has used this model more than MTN. The textual analysis results also confirm the above conclusion.
It should also be noted that according to the respondents, the communication messages in Siriatel and MTN were both moral in nature. The audience was more satisfied with the quality of services and information provided by Siriatel than MTN. New media, i.e., social networks and databases, are considered by the audience to be the main and favorite sources of receiving information about the telecommunication companies.

[1] Professor of Sociology and Communication, University of Tehran (UT)



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